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Modern Vacuum Trucks On Vancouver Island

Alberni Septic Tank Service in Port Alberni provides modern vacuum trucks that are suitable for your daily on-site operations, such as fluid transfers, spill cleanups, rig work, and more. Our crew can clean, vacuum, flush out, decontaminate, non hazardous waste at your industrial site. Whether it is cleaning chemical spills on the floor or pressure washing large fuel tanks, we do them all. We also offer on-site vacuum truck servicing.

What We Offer

We work with forest, automotive, and marine industries to provide customized waste management solutions. We have the required equipmentfor for solid and liquid industrial waste removal:

Non Hazardous dry bulk removal

Oily waste removal

Sludge removal

Pit cleanout

Corrosive material removal


Call us to book an appointment.

How Can We Help?

Our experts can offer the right disposal options for your non-hazardous waste.

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