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Waste Disposal Services On Vancouver Island

Alberni Septic Tank Service offers waste disposal services in Port Alberni for the collection of bulk waste and non-hazardous materials. We provide prompt and reliable services for:

Septic tank cleaning


 Septic tank inspection


 Septic tank cleaning
 Grease trap cleaning
 Flooding services
 Catch basin cleaning
 Septic tank inspection


Call our waste management company to discuss your project.

What We Offer

If your industrial facility produces liquid, sludge, or solid by-products, count on us for safe and cost-effective industrial VAC work. Our vacuum trucks can pump out liquids, oily water, or sludge from various sources, such as floor drains, underground waste tanks, and more. You can schedule your vacuum services regularly or call us on-demand. You can also rely on us to respond quickly to emergencies, such as spills.


If you neglect the upkeep of your septic tank, solid waste can accumulate, escape the tank, and contaminate the soil or your water supply. We always adhere to the best environmental practices for our septic tank cleaning services and inspections.


Your on-site sanitation needs may vary according to your project or event. From outdoor parties to weddings, we have a range of portable toilet rental options to suit your needs.

Avoid a Septic Disaster

With regular care and maintenance, your septic system can last for a long time.

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